IMTS 2018 /// September 10-15, 2018, Chicago

Measure components with extremely
tight tolerances in high accuracy

Experience the most accurate purely optical micro-coordinate measuring system,
the Alicona μCMM live at this years IMTS.



Alicona µCMM

Measure the dimension, position, shape and roughness of components with only one sensor

The optical CMM offers high geometric accuracy of several optical 3D measurements in relation to each other, enabling the measurement of small surface details on large components and precisely determining the position of these individual measurements in relation to each other. The spectrum of measurable surfaces includes all common industrial materials and composites such as plastics, PCD, CFRP, ceramics, chrome, silicon. Materials from matte to polished, reflective components can be measured. 

ANCA´s competition “Tool of the year”!

ANCA hold a competition for customers to submit their favorite tool with the winners being judged and announced live at IMTS.
The top five finalists will undergo surface finish measurements by Alicona, member of the ANCA´s judging panel, and have the chance to win a trip to Melbourne.



“The CompactCobot has helped us to deliver a step performance change!“

The knowledge of wear types and wear behavior has enabled Element Six, an expert in high-performance materials, to deliver a step change in performance with a new PCBN cutting material. One decisive factor during the testing stage was the implementation of automated test series. This and the ability to measure tool and workpiece directly in the lathe has made a significant contribution to "achieving the performance increase we have set ourselves as our goal," Element Six says.

Robot-based measurement solution “Cobot"

Alicona cobots combine a collaborative 6-axis robot and a robust optical 3D measurement sensor to deliver high resolution measurements of smallest surface characteristics on large components. Components can also be measured directly in the machine tool with the need to unclamp. Interfaces such as TCP/IP, Modbus/TCP or Anybus enable the connection to existing production systems.   

Thank you for visiting us at IMTS 2018

and discussing your individual measurement task with us! 

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