Automated measurement and evaluation

Automation Manager

The AutomationManager is a software platform that makes the automated and user-independent roughness measurement and evaluation of micro-precision components or micro-structured surfaces on large components possible. The process is based on the interplay between an administrator, who defines the measurement program, and operators in the production area. The operator starts the pre-programmed measurements at the touch of a button, the selection of the components to be measured is done by means of a drop-down menu or barcode scanner. The measurement and evaluation of surface and roughness parameters runs automatically, the worker has no influence on the measurement result.


CAD CAM suite connection

A CADCAM connection makes it possible to define the measurement points, measurement direction etc. directly in the CAD file of the reference component. Tilt angle, travel direction in XYZ as well as rotation angle are automatically calculated and synchronized with the AutomationManager. A simulation makes it possible to create a preview of the measurement process to be carried out, which ensures a safe and secure measurement planning.


Alicona Inspect form measurement


Using Alicona Inspect, the automated measurements can be applied on the dimensional inspection of components. Parameters and positions to be measured are individually defined by an administrator beforehand and include, among others, angle, distances, roundness, shape deviations and positional relationships.


Defect measurement


The Defect Measurement software automatically detects and quantifies defects on component surfaces and edges. The area-based 3D measurement technology makes it possible to measure and visualize defects and scratches over large areas (10x10 cm). In addition to other parameters, users can evaluate the number, length, depth, volume and height of the defects. Applications include corrosion measurement on metal plates, determination of defects and breakage on turbine components as well as measurement of burrs on pressed blanks of indexable inserts.