Automated placing and measurement of components

Pick & Place

Alicona Pick & Place is an automation solution that makes it possible to set up a complete automation process within ten minutes. Therefore an optical measurement system is extended with a robot arm to automatically pick, place, measure and sort components. Pick & Place can also be used in smaller production environments and pays for itself within ten months. The system is based on the interaction between an administrator who pre-defines automation processes, the collaborative robot for the manipulation and placing of components as well as high-resolution optical 3D measurement technology. The possible connection to existing production systems including ERP facilitates adaptive production planning.

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Interacting with machine

Adaptive closed loop production

The machined component is removed from the machine by the robot, clamped on the measuring system and measured automatically. Depending on the manufacturing strategy, there are different options of continuing the production process afterwards. Either the measurement result is fed back into the tool machine following a closed-loop strategy, where machine parameters are corrected automatically and manufacturing continues in a self-controlling manner. Alternatively, an automatic sorting into OK/NOT OK pallets follows after the 3D measurement for further processing.

Interacting with worker

Easy teach-in in only three steps

The user teaches-in an automated procedure in only three step with no programming knowledge required. The robot handles component manipulation including the positioning on the measuring system and further sorting in OK/NO OK pallets. Regardless of the number of components, only four parts per pallet have to be pre-defined. At the push of a button the operator starts the entire process in production. After the measurement is finished, the component is sorted by measurement results OK/NOK and put in the respective pallet by the robot.